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Your donation will help to save the Hayden Cabin from falling into ruin so that visitors will be able to enjoy for generations to come!


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Your donation will help to save the Hayden Cabin from falling into ruin so that visitors will be able to enjoy for generations to come!

Keep Hayden Cabin standing strong!

The historic Hayden Log Cabin is home to Mammoth Museum situated along the meandering Mammoth Creek. The story of Hayden Cabin began in the 1920's when Emmet and Margaret Hayden obtained one of the first early Forest Service Permits for their rustic summer residence. The cabin was built all by hand and took nearly 10 years to complete. In it's early days the cabin was used as a lodging facility from which Emmet ran a hunting and fishing guiding service, one of the first in the area. Emmet was an accomplished cartographer and owner of Hayden Map Company. As a well-known map maker it is said that Emmet was instrumental in "putting Mammoth on the map". Emmet loved a good time with friends. The locals of that day "always knew when Emmet was in town". Visitors can still see the robust kitchen table made by Emmet inside the cabin kitchen where many a poker game has taken place and imagine also the scent of handmade sweet pancakes served up by Margaret from her original stove. After their death the unique cabin that they loved became the property of Forest Service and Southern Mono Historical Society. Because of the love, care, and generosity of many individuals over the years the cabin known as Hayden Cabin is available today for public viewing and houses the Mammoth Museum and it's artifacts. It is the desire and passion of the SMHS and it's members to continue to share this historic landmark and grow the Museum and grounds into a flourishing interactive community visiting destination.

Letter written 12/27/1969 shortly after Emmet's death

...Probably not too many people in and around Mammoth these days will ever realize or know of the first man to make the maps of Mammoth - the Old Mapmaker himself and how proud he was of having built that log cabin on Mammoth Creek with his own two hands. Just this past summer when I visited with him along the creek, although he was ill at the time, he sounded like the same guy full of fiesty comments and interest in all that was going on. As many of you in the family will miss Emett so will we who knew him up here in Mammoth.

Sincerely yours, Willian J. Murphy, District RangerDistrict Ranger Office

The Southern Mono Historical Society is seeking the monetary support from generous donors like you to help keep historic Hayden Cabin standing strong. The aging roof is badly in need of repair. The projected cost is $32,000 for approved materials and labor. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated!

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